Our Team

Rookie Team with the brains and the passion that drives the bots

Our team was established in 2019 and participated successfully in the FTC SKYSTONE challenge. Our team consists of a few members with previous experience in the FTC Relic Recovery challenge.

The foundational achievement of our team was having a productive interaction between more experienced members of the team and novices. As a team that was 60% girls and comprised of 70% novices, we were delighted to see how well the more experienced members took to mentoring newer members of the team.

Our Robot

Rookie Robot representing the skills and aspirations of the team

Meet our robot, Bob! During our rookie year, as a group of teenagers ranging from 7th to 10th grade, we planned and worked on our robot as soon as the competition was revealed.

Thanks to FTC, we learned the importance of planning and strategizing. We also understood the key principles of teamwork and perseverance. Our team participated in outreach events to spread the spirit of gracious professionalism.


Outreach Event At CC2T Training Sessions

On Dec 8, 2019, we conducted an FTC Outreach activity at our CC2T Java and Python programming sessions.

We introduced the students to FTC and the concept of gracious professionalism. We also presented them with details on the hardware, software programming, and other interesting aspects of the robot. We did this through a demo of the robot and a display of our code. This outreach was conducted in efforts to encourage the students to pursue their passions in STEM.