Bringing community and technology closer

CC2T was founded by Diya Dinesh, a junior at TJHSST. She has a passion for computer science and programming and wanted to spread the spirit of technology across her community. After tutoring peers locally, she has expanded the program to include communities across the nation, and now, the globe. She and her dedicated team of officers have worked to expand this organization to connect various diverse communities through technology.

Diya Dinesh

Founder / CEO

Bharath Dileep Kumar

Chief Strategy Officer

Raghuveer Ramamurthy

Chief Relations & Outreach Officer

Rachel Lewis

Co-Chief Relations Officer

Michelle Lin

Chief Marketing Officer

& Logo Designer

Sreya Etherajan

Director – Programs

Sania Desai

Director – Outreach

Rishitha Voleti

Director – Classes

Joanna Cheng

Co-Director – Java Programming

Aishwarya Chakravarthy

Co-Director – Java Programming

Anand Advani

Director – Python Programming

Elena Rangelov

Director – Web Development

Anya Parekh

Director – App Development

Anvi Padiyar

Co-Director – Hackathons

Sruthi Sankararaman

Co-Director – Hackathons

Sarah Ali

Director – Webinar

Anjali Pagidi

Co-Director – Competitive Programming Prep

Grace Huang

Co-Director – Competitive Programming Prep

Hari Gajjala

Competitive Programming Prep Head Teacher

Jeb Cui

Java Head Teacher

Michelle Liu

Python Head Teacher

Jennifer Liu

Web Development Teacher

Poojha Suresh

Director – Python & Classes

United Kingdom

Sriprad Potukuchi

Director – Python Programming